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1,000 characters at a time (or fewer), please! one does not simply “walk into mordor” 2018-03-21 The Tail of the Pancreas. The tail is narrow, usually reaching the inferior part of the gastric surface of the spleen. It is contained between two leaves of the splenorenal ligament together with the splenic vessels.This is its narrow left end and it may be thick or blunted. 2020-06-07 li·eno·re·nal ligament .lī ə nō rēn əl n a mesenteric fold passing from the spleen to the left kidney and affording support to the splenic artery and vein called also phrenicolienal ligament * * * ligamentum splenorenale 2014-02-05 2019-06-01 splenorenal ligament (redirected from Lienorenal ligament) ligament [lig´ah-ment] 1.

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* * * spleno·re·nal .splen ō rēn əl adj of, relating to, or joining the splenic and renal veins … Splenorenal Ligament. The splenorenal ligament is a derivative of the primitive dorsal mesogastrium. During the 4th week of fetal life, the dorsal pancreatic bud arises as a diverticulum from the duodenum and extends posteriorly behind the lesser sac. I could be wrong, but Phrenicosplenic ligament appears to be a ligament connecting the diaphragm (eg phrenic nerve) and the spleen, whereas Splenorenal ligament connects the spleen and the kidney.

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The splenorenal ligament (Fig. 4-63) invests the extremity of the pancreatic tail as it inserts toward or within the splenic hilus and also contains the distal splenic artery. Both ligaments form the boundaries of the lesser sac on the left.

Splenorenal ligament

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Splenorenal ligament

From the transverse mesocolon and right retromesenteric colonic plane, fluid from the pancreatic head may spread into the right colonic com-partment at the hepatic flexure and dissect along the mesenteric vessels into the small bowel mesentery. Axial contrast-enhanced CT image obtained Synonyms for splenorenal ligament in Free Thesaurus.

Splenorenal ligament

apicis dentis l. lienorenale splenorenal ligament. - l. longitudinale  invärtes, yta, av, den, mjälte, förtydliga, den, splenorenal, ligament, och, den, kärl, innehållet, within.
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The spleen is normally anchored in the left upper abdomen by two ligaments: the gastrosplenic ligament, which connects the spleen to the greater curvature of the stomach; and the splenorenal ligament, which connects the spleen to the left kidney and the posterior body wall.

Phrenicocolic ligament . It is attached to the left colic flexure (colon) and diaphragm. This ligament supports the spleen from below.
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On CT, the left gastroepiploic vessels (as they branch from the splenic hilum) and short gastric vessels serve as vascular land-marks for the gastrosplenic ligament. Tumor in the fundus and along the greater curvature of the upper body of the stomach can spread here (Figs. 6 and 7).

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c. peritoneum. d. retroperitoneum.

medially: splenic vessels, stomach, splenic flexure, pancreatic tail; anteriorly and superiorly: dome of the left hemidiaphragm; inferior: phrenico-colic ligament; posterior and inferiorly: left kidney, left adrenal 2020-10-29 Splenorenal ligament is isolated and Il legamento splenico- renale e ' stato. opensubtitles2. Of the 4,338 patients examined, 130 (3%) were found to have intestinal interposition, for a total of 143 forms: 90 Chilaiditi and 53 non-Chilaiditi. Of the latter, splenorenal.